Meal plan wordpress plugin

Have you ever wanted your very own universal recipe box, shopping lists, and meal planning calendar? Now you can. Personalize these powerful content engagement features with our revolutionary new Wordpress plugin.

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To see the plugin in action please visit these great sites. Note: Both were using the Easy Recipe Plus plugin before converting to our format. Your recipe cards should compliment your site. We balance superior design with leading edge technology. Consumers are increasingly seeking nutrition information for recipes. Google and other search engines reward recipes with nutrition info by ranking them higher in search results. We also add diet and nutrition labels such as low-fat, gluten-free, heart healthy, etc.

Your recipes will appear in results when people are searching for these types of recipes. It is designed to make you money not cost you money. Give it a try and let us know what you think. We will work with you to make any changes or revisions you'd like to see. Our goal is to provide the best plugin service on the market through blogger feedback and innovation.

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Your readers will love you for it! We also have an Ad Revenue Sharing program available - please ask for details. No problem If not completely satisfied, then simply convert back to the old format. We love doing all the tech stuff. Just let us know info mealplannerpro. New recipes added every day. Forgot Password? New to Meal Planner Pro? Sign up for free Privacy Policy. Please fix the following input errors:. Already have an account? Log in. Personalized Wordpress Recipe Plugin.

All Rights Reserved.Meal Planner Pro will help you to save time and money while improving your health in just a few easy steps. Unlock personalized meal planning tools and features based on your individual and family health goals. Search by such things as gluten-free recipes, healthy lunch, breakfast and dinner ideas.

Then, save your favourites! Our ProScore system is like having your own personal nutrition expert. We highlight the good and bad nutrition values of every food product.

Then score them from New recipes added every day. Forgot Password? New to Meal Planner Pro? Sign up for free Privacy Policy.

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Please fix the following input errors:. Already have an account? Log in.

meal plan wordpress plugin

Create a profile for each family member. Search for Recipes Add Saved Recipes to the meal planning calendar Easily plan out your week or even months in advance. Simply save recipes onto the days you want.

Create a Meal Plan Create grocery lists and research products. All grocery and food products includes images, nutrition info, ingredients and warning labels. Start a Grocery List. We're here to help you every step of the way Our ProScore system is like having your own personal nutrition expert. All Rights Reserved.A good plugin has the power to help you build a skyrocket the success of your business online.

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You can create ad zones of different sizes and types on your website. You can choose how many ads to display in each zone, select a price, rotation factor, targeting, and more. As a plugin, OIO Publisher is pretty straight-forward to use. It comes with a custom widget to display ads in widget ready areas of your website. However, for some placements you may need to edit WordPress theme files to place the ad zone code.

Do you need a plugin that will help you automatically insert ads into your posts? Check out Insert Post Ads. It allows you to automatically display ads in your post content. You can create different ads of any size and then choose after which paragraph you want to display the ad. You can also display multiple ads in the same article after different number of paragraphs. It is really simple to use. You just need to create an ad with the ad code and then ad the paragraph number.

You can add third-party ad code as well as custom HTML for your own hosted ads. For detailed instructions, see our guide on how to insert ads within your post content in WordPress.Read the testimonials below! Barbara Royal- DVM. I have Personally been preparing thousands of Raw Ketogenic meals for my own dog And have been helping countless pet parents across the entire world get started feeding Raw Ketogenic Meals to their own dogs following an intuitive easy to follow system.

I immediately started her on a Ketogenic diet and never looked back. Before we started feeding Raw Ketogenic meals she struggled to run just 4 miles, nowadays running 20 miles with me and going right back out the next day to do it again is not uncommon. Sometimes as soon as days or weeks after surgery. If there was ever a silver lining to her cancer diagnosis, it was that it set me on a path to learn how to feed her the best way possible, and with that has led to helping countless other pet parents across the world with their own dogs.

Seeing the transformation in my dog has been nothing short of amazing. This is something that I believe in and have a passion for.

8 Recipe Blog Plugins To Optimize Your WordPress Food Blog

Over the past several years since starting the Ketogenic Dog Group on FacebookIt has become overwhelmingly apparent that there is a major lack of resources out there to help pet parents put a proper Raw Ketogenic together.

And further more, I think there are even less people out there who actually know how to feed it and have extensive experience actually implementing these programs with a dog. How expensive?

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I know, Crazy right? And trying to figure out how to make an accurate ketogenic meal for your dog while ensuring all the vitamin and mineral levels are met is not an easy task for anyone to do.

And you are in control of every single ingredient that goes into your dogs diet. Nobody will pay attention to detail as well as you will for your dog! These are not complete and balanced meals. There is not one single multivitamin mix that will fix all of these issues, AND the vast majority of all canine multivitamin mixes are riddled with synthetic vitamins, fillers, carbohydrates and are sourced from unknown origins usually china.

Custom Meal Plans

And by the time they show them now we have a real problem on our hands. So the best strategy is to not let this ever happen in the first place. If we know certain nutritional needs should be met, we need to make sure the diet is providing them. Here you will see all of the glaring nutritional deficiencies such a plan holds. Not a single thing is right in this category. Many key nutrients should be enhanced above the min. Ideal range should be according to many researchers and this diet comes in at a staggering Linoleic Acid LA is not even up to minimum levels either.

These are all the essential Amino acids required in a dogs diet. And anytime just one EAA essential amino acid is low, it affects everything. So as you can see, a basic ketogenic meal is not species appropriate for a dog by any stretch of the imagination.

meal plan wordpress plugin

So how can we fix this? You will receive a comprehensive detailed report of the exact nutrients in your dogs diet plan.InGoogle rolled out Recipe Searchwhere they used structured metadata or Rich Snippets to deliver better search results for recipes to people using Google search. Now Bing is making it that much easier for users to find recipes via its image search by adding a Recipe Badge to food images.

The number inside the badge indicates how many websites offer the recipe.

meal plan wordpress plugin

When you click on the badge, Bing will display a carousel of the websites with the recipe. According to Bing. What does this mean for webmasters? It means that you need to optimize your WordPress recipe blog for both Google and Bing search results by including structured metadata or microformats for Google and Bing in your WordPress site. However, since Schema.

So how do you implement microformats for Google and Bing in your recipe blog? Then copy all the code that shows up in the light blue box, and paste it into the HTML text editor on your blog, and publish. If your recipe blog is on self-hosted WordPress, you can use a number of plugins to add the microformats easily and without any knowledge of coding.

The RecipeSEO Plugin gives you the power to take full advantage of the benefits of microformats, without having to deal with HTML and the messy microformat code at all. All you have to do is enter the information about your recipe, and the plugin will automatically add all the necessary code to your recipe.

It automatically integrates Schema.

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It also adds images within the plugin to appear with your recipe or in your Google Rich Snippet. The recipe name is automatically replicated inside the plugin, taking the name from the post name, which further enhances SEO. This plugin automatically marks up your recipes with the preferred format from Google and Schema.

It will import your recipes and change the shortcodes in old posts to the newly updated recipe records in a single click. Your readers have a chance to carry your recipes with them to the grocery store or kitchen counter with the BigOven recipe apps.

If you want a recipe blog plugin that does more than adding the schema. Because this plugin is fully responsive, your recipes will look good on any device. It also lets your visitors adjust the ingredient quantities for more or fewer servings and structure your ingredients and instructions in groups. The Pro version has many more features that you might find useful.

They can also add ingredients to their shopping list, add the recipe to the meal planning calendar, see what ingredients are on sale at their local supermarket and much more. People have concern about their nutrition, this plugin will calculate the nutritional value of all the saved recipes so that your readers make an informed decision about the foods they consume.

They can also plan out their meals for the week ahead or even months in advance and open their lists while in-store to check off items as they find them. EasyRecipe gives you all the advantages of microdata, without any of the messy codings. EasyRecipe also comes with features like cut and paste, auto conversion of your plain text recipe posts, live custom formatting, automatic ratings, conversion from other recipe plugins like ZipList and RecipeSEO.

Simmer is a light-weight recipe publishing plugin for WordPress. It has an elegant user interface that allows you to add ingredients, step-by-step instructions, sub-headings, structured cook times, and a lot more all within a user-friendly drag and drop interface.

It automatically includes semantic structure and schema. All recipes are fully responsive and ready for mobile, depending on your theme. More than just a recipe plugin, Kitchenbug is the ultimate tool for food bloggers, providing full recipe nutritional analysis, rich-snippets compliance, unit conversion and more.

It analyzes a recipe, outputs its missing information and converts it automatically to rich-snippets recipe format standards. It also provides your readers with the ability to convert measurements from the US to metric units and vice versa.

While most online recipes are sufficient for four people, in reality, we cook for any number of people.Why pay for a recipe plugin when you can get the best one for FREE! Our plugin is designed to make you money not cost you money. Max SEO — we have you covered with the latest recipe schema.

This combined with our accurate nutrition by ESHA Research and Tagging system ensure the highest ranking in search results. There are pros and cons with each. No other plugin provides you with the features, functionality, and ease of use than what we provide.

Your decision will be easy once you consider the following benefits and advantages. Generate more pages views, build brand loyalty, and increase revenue. Join the vast number of food bloggers that have made the decision to switch. Your readers will thank you. Our service is completely free to you and your readers.

We will never limit the number of recipes that can be saved or charge for any of it. Unlike other plugins with save features that want to charge your readers after saving 50 recipes etc. To see the personalized plugin in action please visit these awesome sites. Then save a recipe from each to see how it all works:.

Consumers are increasingly seeking nutrition information for recipes. Google and other search engines reward recipes with nutrition info by ranking them higher in search results. We also add diet and nutrition labels such as low-fat, gluten-free, heart healthy, etc. Your recipes will appear in results when people are searching for these types of recipes.

No problem…you can easily convert all of your recipes into our format with the click of a button. If not completely satisfied, then simply convert back to the old format.

How to convert your recipes PDF. We love doing all the tech stuff and its part of our service to you at no charge. No need to add each ingredient one by one into separate fields.

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